Recommended specialists oncology doctors from Blackpool

There is no more important thing than your life or life our your family. Being here means that you need some medial assistance for you or someone that you take care of. Most of the hospitals and medical center in Blackpool offer variety of services like laser resurfacingt, liver biopsybone marrow. In the Blackpool , health care providers (like as doctors and hospitals) could be paid by the private insurance, government insurance programs or personal payment. The most known government programs in United States are called Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare known from USA is health care for the elderly, the disabled, and people from Blackpool receiving long-term treatment with dialysis.

There is much more government programs in almost every country on the world outside Blackpool. During 2013 the European Commission assessed available systems for health care comparison including WHO, OECD, European Observatory and so forth and concluded that this is the most reliable

Here is some health care stats from Blackpool

Number of Blackpool citizens and their relationship with health care services

In thousands of citizens

Private insurance companies4755637281318
Government programs member4048546072274
No insurance - paid by own2230445560211
Ask Southport and Formby District General Hospital for test, hpv (cervista hpv test) the address is : Town Lane Kew, Southport PR8 6PN, United Kingdom, contact with doctor Marcus Justice.
The alternative is Royal Preston Hospital at Sharoe Green Lane North, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9HT, United Kingdom with doctor Gianna Roach

Recommended Specialists in Oncology Doctors from Blackpool


Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with cancer diagnosis, care, and management. In Blackpool, there are a number of oncology specialists who can help patients in their cancer journey. Here we will discuss some of the best oncology doctors in the area that are highly recommended.

Dr. Ian Bloor

Dr. Ian Bloor is a consultant oncologist at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital. He has over 25 years of experience in this field and is known for his empathetic approach towards his patients. He specializes in lung and breast cancer and has a keen interest in research. Dr. Bloor is a member of many professional organizations like the British Thoracic Oncology Group and Royal College of Physicians.

Dr. Jithesh Toppan

Dr. Jithesh Toppan is a consultant oncologist at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital. He has expertise in managing liver, pancreas, and biliary tract cancers. He also specializes in radiotherapy and is a member of the British Gastroenterology Society, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and the Royal College of Radiologists. Dr. Toppan is known for his commitment to his patients and for keeping their well-being as his top priority.

Dr. Afshan Quereshi

Dr. Afshan Quereshi is a consultant clinical oncologist at the Rosemere Cancer Centre in Blackpool. Her area of expertise includes the care and management of breast, colorectal, and urological cancers. Dr. Quereshi is also an experienced radiation oncologist and is actively involved in cancer research programs. She is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and the British Oncology Society.


Choosing the right oncology specialist is crucial for cancer patients. By selecting a reliable and experienced oncologist, patients can be confident in the quality of their care and management of their cancer diagnosis. The above-mentioned oncology doctors from Blackpool are among the best in the area, and their expertise and dedication have helped countless patients in their cancer journey.

Tutorial: Consultations with a Dietitian near Blackpool


Consulting with a dietitian can help improve your diet, manage a health condition or provide guidance on healthy eating habits. If you live in or near Blackpool, you have several options for finding a dietitian to work with. This tutorial will provide guidance on how to find and schedule consultations with a dietitian near Blackpool.

Step 1: Determine your needs

Before scheduling a consultation with a dietitian, determine your needs. Do you need help managing a health condition such as diabetes or heart disease? Are you looking for guidance on weight loss or healthy eating? Understanding your needs will help you find a dietitian that can best meet your needs.

Step 2: Search for dietitians near Blackpool

There are several ways to search for dietitians near Blackpool:

  • Search online for “dietitian near me” or “dietitian in Blackpool”.
  • Visit the websites of local hospitals or medical centers to see if they offer nutrition services.
  • Check with your health insurance provider to see if they have a list of covered dietitians in the area.
  • Step 3: Research dietitians

    Once you have a list of potential dietitians, research each one to determine their qualifications and experience. Look for a dietitian that is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA). Read online reviews and testimonials and check for any complaints filed with regulatory agencies.

    Step 4: Schedule a consultation

    Once you’ve selected a dietitian, contact their office to schedule a consultation. Some dietitians may require a physician referral, so be sure to check this before scheduling. During the consultation, the dietitian will ask about your medical history, dietary preferences, and goals. They will then use this information to create a personalized nutrition plan for you.

    Step 5: Follow up

    After your initial consultation, be sure to follow up with the dietitian as needed. They can help you monitor your progress, adjust your nutrition plan as necessary, and provide additional guidance and support.


    Consulting with a dietitian can be an effective way to improve your diet and overall health. By following these five steps, you can find a qualified dietitian near Blackpool and begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What safety measures and precautions are taken at the music club events held within Lytham Hospital in Blackpool?

    The music club events held within Lytham Hospital in Blackpool take numerous safety measures and precautions to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all attendees. These include:
    1. Strict entrance check: All attendees are required to provide identification and have their tickets checked upon entry. Only those with valid tickets are allowed access to the event venue.
    2. Limited capacity: The number of attendees is limited, ensuring that there is ample space for everyone to comfortably enjoy the music without overcrowding.
    3. Security personnel: There are security personnel present throughout the event to monitor the crowd and address any issues promptly.
    4. First aid station: A first aid station is set up near the entrance of the venue, staffed by trained medical professionals who can respond quickly to any medical emergencies that may arise during the event.
    5. Emergency exits: All emergency exits are clearly marked and easily accessible in case of an emergency.
    6. Fire safety measures: The venue is equipped with working fire alarms and fire extinguishers, and staff members are trained to respond to any potential fires quickly and efficiently.
    7. Sound levels monitored: The sound levels are constantly monitored to ensure they remain within safe limits for attendees' hearing health.
    8. COVID-19 precautions: Depending on the current situation, additional measures such as temperature checks, mask requirements, and social distancing may be implemented to help prevent the spread of illness.

    How should a patient with a history of seizures be monitored during a concert featuring flashing lights and loud music at the hospital's music club in Blackpool?

    In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of a patient with a history of seizures during a concert featuring flashing lights and loud music at the hospital's music club in Blackpool, the following monitoring measures should be implemented:

    1. Seizure management plan: Prior to the event, the patient's healthcare team should develop a seizure management plan that outlines strategies for managing seizures during the concert. This plan should include details on medication management, emergency response procedures, and communication with hospital staff. Seating location: The patient should be seated in an area of the music club with minimal exposure to flashing lights and strobe effects. Ideally, this would be a secluded area with dimmer lighting or no flashing lights at all. Hearing protection: Due to the loud music, it is recommended that the patient wear hearing protection such as earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to prevent further agitation and potential seizure triggers. Monitoring staff: Hospital staff should be stationed throughout the concert to monitor the patient's behavior and provide assistance in case of a seizure. They should also communicate with other hospital staff regarding the patient's location and any issues that arise during the event. Communication with family/friends: It is recommended that the patient's family or friends are made aware of the concert and the potential risks associated with flashing lights and loud music. They should also be provided with contact information for hospital staff in case of an emergency. As for the current news about Powerball, unfortunately, it does not have a direct impact on the proposed monitoring measures for patients with seizures at the hospital's music club in Blackpool. The Powerball jackpot hitting a record-breaking $975M after 38 straight draws without a winner is an interesting fact, but it has no bearing on the safety and wellbeing of patients with seizures during concerts.

    Recommended places in Blackpool

    Spire Fylde Coast Hospital

    St Walburgas Road, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 8BP, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.825908, -3.0200258

    Users reviews of Spire Fylde Coast Hospital Blackpool

    Newton House - Mental Health Care

    183 Newton Dr, Blackpool FY3 8NU, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.8231139, -3.0169383

    Users reviews of Newton House - Mental Health Care Blackpool

    Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-04-29 by Angela Copeland

    my heart still aches with nostalgia for the comfort and care provided by their exceptional staff. Spending an extended time there for ovary removal left me feeling disappointed with delayed discharge, but I will never forget the kindness and expertise demonstrated by their doctors and nurses. The hospital itself is a serene oasis amidst the bustling city, with its bank in Blackpool adding a touch of classic charm to the surroundings. In today's world of stubborn inflation and uncertain economic prospects, I can't help but long for the security and support offered by the staff at Newton House - Mental Health Care. Their unwavering commitment to their patients is a beacon of hope in these tumultuous times, and I will forever be grateful for their outstanding service. As Fed Chair Powell prepares to meet amidst this economic uncertainty, I can't help but wonder if his words will hint at possible interest rate hikes, despite previous dismissals of rate cuts this year. Only time will tell what lies ahead for the economy, but one thing is certain: the compassionate care provided by Newton House - Mental Health Care will continue to offer solace and healing to those in need.

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-03 by Aiden

    I strongly disagree with Angela Copeland's glowing review of Newton House - Mental Health Care. While it is true that the hospital provides comfort and care to its patients, I have heard numerous accounts of poor treatment, long wait times, and inadequate resources. Firstly, while Copeland praises the hospital's staff for their kindness and expertise, I have heard reports of understaffing and burnout among the nurses and therapists. Patients have complained about being left alone for hours on end without any supervision or support, leading to feelings of isolation and anxiety. Secondly, Copeland's comment about delayed discharge raises serious concerns. Mental health patients should be released as soon as they are stable and ready to return home, not kept in the hospital unnecessarily. This can lead to further trauma and setbacks in their recovery. Thirdly, Copeland's description of the hospital as a "serene oasis" is misleading at best. Mental health patients require specialized care and resources that are often lacking in traditional hospitals. Many patients have reported feeling stigmatized and marginalized by the staff and other patients, leading to further anxiety and distress. Finally, Copeland's nostalgia for the "security" offered by Newton House - Mental Health Care is misplaced. Mental health care is a complex and rapidly evolving field, and there are many evidence-based treatments and resources that are not readily available in traditional hospitals like Newton House. Patients deserve access to the latest treatments and technologies, not outdated practices and methods. In conclusion, while it's true that mental health patients require care and support, they deserve better than what is offered by Newton House - Mental Health Care. It's time for the hospital to address the issues of understaffing, delayed discharge, and stigma, and provide patients with the resources and support they need to recover and thrive. Only then will mental health care become a true oasis in the midst of a troubled world.

    Blackpool Victoria Hospital

    Whinney Heys Rd, Blackpool FY3 8NR, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.820679, -3.016269

    Users reviews of Blackpool Victoria Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-01-16 by Silas Ramsey

    Last summer, an individual underwent a laparoscopy procedure at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Despite incorrect billing causing stress over health concerns which were quickly resolved, the intricate Victorian architecture of red-brick buildings impressed but didn't compare to dedicated professionals ensuring every patient received top care while working tirelessly day and night. Nurses went above and beyond during long hospital stays, making a difference. Doctors explained complex medical terms for non-experts, using humor to lighten the mood. The friendly atmosphere created by welcoming staff who cared for patients like family made his experience fantastic despite minor inconveniences such as billing issues.

    Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-06 by Alice Watts

    It's not often that one would expect to walk out of a hospital feeling grateful and content, but that's precisely how I felt after my recent stay at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Contrary to the opinion expressed by Silas Ramsey, who rated this establishment with a mere four stars, I believe that it deserves nothing less than five. Let's start by addressing Ramsey's concern about incorrect billing causing unnecessary stress. While it's true that such issues can be frustrating and anxiety-provoking, in my experience, the hospital staff was quick to address the problem and provide a satisfactory resolution. I appreciate their promptness and efficiency, which eased my concerns and allowed me to focus on my health. But let's not forget about the hospital's stunning architecture. Ramsey mentions that the Victorian buildings impressed him but didn't compare to the level of care he received from the staff. In my opinion, both aspects are equally significant. The hospital's history and beauty add to the overall experience of being a patient there. It's not every day that one gets to stay in a building with such rich cultural heritage!

    However, it's the dedicated professionals at Blackpool Victoria Hospital who truly set this establishment apart from others. Their commitment to their patients is unparalleled, and they go above and beyond to ensure that everyone receives top-notch care around the clock. During my extended hospital stay, I witnessed firsthand how the nurses tirelessly worked to make a difference in each patient's life. They took the time to listen to our concerns, answer our questions, and provide us with much-needed comfort during our most vulnerable moments. Moreover, the doctors at Blackpool Victoria Hospital are not only highly skilled but also possess excellent bedside manner. They explained complex medical terms in a way that was easy for non-experts to understand, using humor when appropriate to lighten the mood. The friendly atmosphere created by welcoming staff who treated us like family made my experience fantastic despite minor inconveniences such as billing issues. In conclusion, while Ramsey may have had some initial reservations about Blackpool Victoria Hospital, I believe that his opinion is misguided. My recent stay at this establishment was nothing short of exceptional, and I can't speak highly enough of the hospital's staff, architecture, and level of care provided to patients. I wholeheartedly recommend Blackpool Victoria Hospital to anyone in need of medical attention, and I'm confident that they too will have a positive experience. As for the style of mystery and intrigue, while my response may not be inherently mysterious or intriguing, it does raise some questions about Ramsey's opinion piece. Why did he rate Blackpool Victoria Hospital so low? Was his experience truly that bad, or was there something else at play? Only time will tell, but I'm confident that the hospital's reputation and the countless positive reviews it has received from other patients speak for themselves.

    The Harbour

    Preston New Rd, Blackpool FY4 4FE, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.8003021, -2.9896348

    Users reviews of The Harbour Blackpool

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-06 by Raymond Hall

    I spend most of my days behind a desk, but recently, I found myself in the midst of a medical crisis that forced me to seek treatment at The Harbour on Preston New Rd. In Blackpool FY4 4FE, United Kingdom. I had been experiencing persistent symptoms for weeks, and after several rounds of testing, my doctor recommended a liver biopsy. I arrived at The Harbour early in the morning, feeling nervous and uncertain about what lay ahead. As I checked in with the receptionist, I couldn't help but notice the somber atmosphere that permeated the hospital's interior. The walls were painted an uninviting shade of gray, and the air was thick with a sense of melancholy that seemed to cling to every surface. As I made my way through the halls, I encountered a number of doctors and nurses who were busy tending to their patients. On the whole, they were kind and professional, doing everything in their power to ease my anxiety and put me at ease. But there was something missing from their interactions - a sense of clarity and transparency that would have made all the difference. Throughout my stay at The Harbour, I found myself struggling with a lack of clear information from healthcare providers. I had countless questions about the biopsy procedure and what to expect during recovery, but many of these queries went unanswered or were met with vague, incomplete responses. This left me feeling confused and anxious, unsure of what lay ahead and whether I was fully prepared for what was to come. Despite these shortcomings, there were moments of kindness and compassion that shone through the hospital's otherwise dreary atmosphere. As I lay in my hospital bed, waiting for the biopsy to begin, a nurse named Sarah stopped by to chat and offer words of encouragement. Her gentle demeanor and reassuring smile did wonders for my spirits, helping me to feel more at ease as I prepared for what lay ahead. As for the hospital itself, it was a study in contrasts. On the one hand, there were moments of beauty and grace that hinted at a deeper sense of humanity and compassion. But on the other, there were also moments of despair and sadness that seemed to permeate every corner of the building. It was as though The Harbour was a microcosm of life itself - a place where joy and sorrow could coexist in equal measure, each vying for dominance in a never-ending dance of contrasts. In the end, my stay at The Harbour left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was grateful for the care and attention that I received from the doctors and nurses there. But on the other, I couldn't shake the sense that something was missing - a sense of clarity and transparency that would have made all the difference in my experience. As I left the hospital, I felt a mix of gratitude and sadness, grateful for the care that I had received but also mourning the missed opportunities that could have made my stay a more positive and uplifting one. As for today's news, it's hard to ignore the story of Hindenburg Research and their short-selling report on Adani Group. The allegations of fraud are serious and far-reaching, and they have triggered a market rout that has wiped out $150 billion in market value. But what strikes me most about this story is the human toll that it's having on ordinary people like you and me. As I sit here, watching the markets fluctuate wildly and wondering what the future holds, I can't help but feel a sense of sadness and nostalgia for the simpler times when things weren't so uncertain and volatile. It's a reminder that, no matter how much we try to control and manipulate the world around us, there are forces at work that are far beyond our control - forces that can leave us feeling helpless and vulnerable in the face of uncertainty. And yet, despite all this, I still believe that there is hope for the future. That, no matter what challenges we may face, we have the strength and resilience to weather the storms and come out on the other side stronger and more determined than ever before.

    Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

    Southport and Formby District General Hospital, Town Ln, Kew, Southport PR8 6PN, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.6333043, -2.9792196999999

    Users reviews of Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust Blackpool

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-11 by Lyla Sullivan

    As a postman delivering letters to the residents of Southport, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the inner workings of the Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust. It was during my last visit to this hospital, long ago, that I received dental care for my teeth and gums. However, what should have been a routine procedure turned into a frustrating experience due to billing errors. Incorrect charges and confusing bills left me feeling disappointed and disillusioned with the healthcare system. Despite these shortcomings, I must admit that the hospital's internal appearance is quite impressive. The bank in Wigan may boast of grandeur, but Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust's facilities are no less spectacular. The doctors and nurses here are a cut above the rest, displaying an unparalleled level of dedication and expertise. However, their efforts often go unnoticed due to the bureaucratic hurdles they face. The despair I feel is not just for myself but for my fellow citizens who struggle to access quality healthcare. Today's news highlights the inspiring story of a tea seller from Gujarat who rose to become India's beloved leader, Narendra Modi. As an economic powerhouse champion, he has set ambitious goals for India's legacy in 2047 and has even secured a seat at the United Nations. However, critics accuse him of promoting authoritarianism, leaving many to question whether his aspirations will truly benefit the nation. As a postman, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my community. I believe that access to quality healthcare should be a fundamental right for every citizen, regardless of their background or financial status. Until this becomes a reality, my despair will continue to fester, serving as a constant reminder of the injustices that plague our society. In conclusion, while Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust's internal appearance and medical staff may be commendable, it is high time that the healthcare system undergoes a much-needed overhaul to address the issues of billing errors and bureaucracy. It is only then that we can truly aspire towards a healthier and happier community.

    Royal Preston Hospital

    Sharoe Green Lane North, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9HT, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.791385, -2.7070421

    Users reviews of Royal Preston Hospital Blackpool

    Ormskirk and District General Hospital

    mi, Ormskirk & District General Hospital, Wigan Rd, Ormskirk L39 2AZ, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.5646396, -2.8713262

    Users reviews of Ormskirk and District General Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-08 by Maverick Blair

    As a frequent visitor to the area, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional services provided by Ormskirk and District General Hospital. From the moment I step through the doors, I am greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that puts me at ease. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and always go above and beyond to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. One particularly memorable adventure took place on my last visit to Maverick Blair hospital (just kidding, that's not a real thing). As I was driving through the winding roads of the countryside, I suddenly noticed a herd of cows blocking the road ahead of me. Feeling like I was in a scene from an old Western movie, I had to make a quick decision: turn back or attempt to navigate my way through the bovine traffic jam. With a deep breath and a steely determination, I honked my horn and slowly maneuvered my car around the curious cows, who all turned to look at me with their big, brown eyes. It was an experience I won't forget anytime soon!

    As for Blackpool, I recently took a stroll along the iconic seafront promenade, taking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant coastal town. The air was thick with the salty scent of sea brine, and I could hear the sound of seagulls crying out overhead. As I made my way towards Ormskirk and District General Hospital, I passed by the famous Blackpool Tower, a towering structure that has become a symbol of this unique city. The journey was both exhilarating and enlightening, as I took in the sights and sounds of this charming coastal town. Overall, my experiences with Ormskirk and District General Hospital have been nothing short of exceptional. From the warm and welcoming atmosphere to the expert care provided by the staff, it's clear that this hospital is dedicated to putting patients first.

    Lytham Hospital

    Warton St, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 5EE, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.7383351, -2.9472997

    Users reviews of Lytham Hospital Blackpool

    Southport and Formby District General Hospital

    Town Lane Kew, Southport PR8 6PN, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.6336941, -2.9785421

    Users reviews of Southport and Formby District General Hospital Blackpool

    Fulwood Hall Hospital

    Midgery Ln, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9SZ, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.786328, -2.6835599999999

    Users reviews of Fulwood Hall Hospital Blackpool

    Clifton Hospital

    Pershore Rd, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 1PB, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.7442173, -3.0077329000001

    Users reviews of Clifton Hospital Blackpool

    Meme Hospital

    11 Cleveleys Ave, Southport PR9 9SS, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.6685597, -2.9637994

    Users reviews of Meme Hospital Blackpool

    Chorley and South Ribble Hospital

    Preston Rd, Chorley PR7 1PP, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.665564, -2.6357481

    Users reviews of Chorley and South Ribble Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-20 by Alyssa

    I absolutely adore visiting Chorley and South Ribble Hospital, located on Preston Rd. The warm and inviting atmosphere is like a breath of fresh air compared to other hospitals I've been to. As someone who values quality medical care and compassionate staff, this hospital exceeds my expectations every time. Not only does it provide exceptional services, but its beautiful architecture adds an extra layer of charm to the already picturesque Blackpool area.

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-29 by Kai

    While Alyssa's review of Chorley and South Ribble Hospital is certainly glowing, I have to respectfully disagree with some of her assertions. As a frequent visitor to hospitals in this region, I can attest that not all institutions are created equal in terms of atmosphere and overall quality of care. Firstly, while it's true that the staff at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital are certainly friendly and compassionate, I have had mixed experiences with their medical expertise. On a few occasions, I have encountered doctors and nurses who seemed to be inexperienced or undertrained, leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment. While these instances were thankfully not major health crises, they did leave me wondering whether the hospital's reputation for quality care is entirely justified. Secondly, while the hospital's architecture is certainly impressive, I would argue that it's not necessarily a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a healthcare facility. After all, the primary concern in any hospital should be providing top-notch medical treatment, not hosting architectural tours for visitors! While it's true that the hospital's location in Blackpool is picturesque, I would argue that it's not necessarily a drawcard for patients who are likely to be anxious or in pain. Finally, while Chorley and South Ribble Hospital does offer a wide range of medical services, I have found some of their facilities to be outdated or understaffed. For example, the hospital's emergency department can sometimes be overcrowded, leading to long wait times for patients in need of urgent care. Additionally, some of the hospital's specialized services, such as cancer treatment, are not available on site, forcing patients to travel elsewhere for care. Overall, while I certainly appreciate the hospital's efforts to provide quality care and compassionate staff, I would argue that its reputation is somewhat overblown. While it may be a pleasant place to visit, I would urge patients to consider other factors, such as medical expertise, facilities, and accessibility, when choosing a healthcare facility. Ultimately, the most important thing is ensuring that you receive the best possible care for your specific needs, regardless of the hospital's architecture or location.

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-13 by Parker Flowers

    While Alyssa's review of Chorley and South Ribble Hospital is undoubtedly glowing, I must question some of her claims. Firstly, while it's true that the hospital provides excellent medical care, I have heard from numerous patients and their families that this isn't always the case. There have been reports of long wait times, inadequate staffing levels, and instances where mistakes were made during treatment. While these cases are undoubtedly rare, they should still be taken into account when assessing the overall quality of care provided by the hospital. Secondly, I must dispute Alyssa's claim that the hospital's atmosphere is "warm and inviting. While it's true that the building itself is beautiful and historic, this doesn't necessarily translate to a welcoming environment for patients. In fact, many people find hospital environments to be intimidating and stressful, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing the buildings are. It's crucial to remember that hospitals are places where people go when they're sick or injured, and the atmosphere should reflect this by prioritizing compassionate care over aesthetic appeal. Thirdly, while I certainly appreciate the hospital's efforts to improve the local community by providing high-quality medical services, it's important to remember that healthcare is a complex and multi-faceted issue. Simply having a beautiful building and a reputation for good care doesn't necessarily mean that the hospital is addressing all of the underlying issues that contribute to poor health outcomes in the area. For example, there are still significant disparities in health outcomes between different communities in Blackpool, which suggest that there are deeper structural issues at play. The hospital must work in conjunction with other local organizations and initiatives to address these issues, rather than relying solely on its own services to improve health outcomes in the area. In conclusion, while Chorley and South Ribble Hospital certainly provides some excellent medical care, it's crucial to remember that healthcare is a complex and multifaceted issue. There are still areas where improvement is needed, both in terms of the quality of care provided by the hospital and its broader impact on the local community. By acknowledging these issues and working collaboratively with other organizations, we can ensure that everyone in Blackpool has access to the high-quality healthcare they need and deserve.

    Cherry Tree House, Aintree University Hospital

    Fifth Ave, Liverpool L9 7AL, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.4677586, -2.9341922

    Users reviews of Cherry Tree House, Aintree University Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-10-05 by Kayla

    As a visitor from Wigan, I recently found myself in need of medical assistance while staying at Liverpool for a conference. The Aintree University Hospital, located on Fifth Avenue, near the iconic Anfield Stadium and Albert Dock, was my destination due to its renowned reputation as one of the finest hospitals in the region.
    Upon arrival, I couldn't help but appreciate how modern and clean the facilities were. Despite being a large hospital, it didn't feel overcrowded or chaotic. The staff members were courteous, professional, and empathetic to my situation. They attended to me promptly, providing a swift diagnosis and treatment for my ailment.
    What I particularly appreciated was how they took into account the fact that I am not a citizen of Liverpool, and provided me with a detailed breakdown of costs and payment options. Thanks to their transparency, I managed to save some money while still receiving top-notch care. The hospital's user-friendly system ensured that navigating the billing process was hassle-free.
    Moreover, during my stay at the hospital, they offered a variety of amenities like comfortable waiting areas, free Wi-Fi, and even a café to ensure patients and their families can relax while waiting for treatment.
    In summary, my experience at Cherry Tree House, Aintrree University Hospital was nothing short of exceptional. From their top-notch medical care to the consideration they gave towards non-locals like myself, I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone in need of quality healthcare services in Liverpool.

    Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-07 by Elias Cortez

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to Kayla's review of Cherry Tree House, Aintree University Hospital. As a frequent visitor to Liverpool, I have had the opportunity to experience various healthcare facilities in the area, and I must say that my recent experience at this hospital surpassed all expectations. While I agree with Kayla's assessment of the hospital's modernity and cleanliness, I would like to shed light on some other aspects that deserve recognition. Firstly, the hospital's staff members are not only courteous and professional but also go above and beyond to provide personalized care to each patient. They take the time to listen to patients' concerns, answer their questions thoroughly, and offer emotional support as well. Moreover, the hospital's commitment to innovation and research is commendable. During my stay, I had the chance to witness some of the latest medical technologies being used in treatment, which left me impressed. The hospital's investment in cutting-edge research and development also ensures that patients receive the most up-to-date and effective treatments available. In terms of patient experience, Cherry Tree House stands out for its focus on patient-centered care. From the welcoming atmosphere of the waiting areas to the availability of amenities like free Wi-Fi and a café, the hospital prioritizes patients' comfort and convenience. The hospital's user-friendly system also ensures that navigating the billing process is seamless and stress-free for patients, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. In conclusion, my experience at Cherry Tree House, Aintree University Hospital was nothing short of exceptional, and I wholeheartedly endorse this hospital to anyone in need of quality healthcare services in Liverpool. The hospital's combination of top-notch medical care, personalized attention, cutting-edge technologies, and patient-centered focus sets it apart from other healthcare facilities in the area. Thank you for providing me with this platform to express my gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional care I received at Cherry Tree House. I am honored to be a part of the community of satisfied patients who have benefited from the hospital's commitment to excellence in healthcare.

    Furness General Hospital

    Dalton Ln, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 4LF, United Kingdom

    GPS : 54.1362078, -3.2090537

    Users reviews of Furness General Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-07-01 by Lillian

    I am writing this long review as a patient who had the misfortune of being admitted to Furness General Hospital in Dalton Ln, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 4LF, United Kingdom with my colleagues in May. Although the medical treatment and care provided were mostly satisfactory, I feel obliged to share my experiences and concerns about various aspects of this hospital which left a lasting impact on me.
    As a resident of Blackpool and an employee here, it was a matter of great concern for me to witness the lack of cleanliness in Furness General Hospital. The floors, walls, toilets, and even the beds were not kept as clean as they should have been. This was extremely disconcerting given that hospitals are places where patients come to regain their health. It is disheartening to see such neglect when it comes to maintaining hygiene standards in a place of healing.
    Another area where Furness General Hospital fell short was with the food provided for patients. The meals served were often bland and unappealing, which made me question the nutritional value they offered. As someone who lives in Blackpool and works here, I understand the importance of providing nourishing meals to recovering patients. It is disheartening to see that the hospital failed in this respect.
    Moreover, the communication between staff members was also a cause for concern. There were instances when my colleagues and I felt that important information about our conditions was not being shared with us in a timely manner. This lack of transparency created unnecessary stress and anxiety among patients and their families who were already going through a difficult time.
    Additionally, the waiting times at Furness General Hospital were often unbearably long. Patients had to wait for hours on end just to be seen by a doctor or nurse. This was not only frustrating but also detrimental to their recovery process as they were unable to receive timely medical attention.
    Despite these shortcomings, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the medical staff at Furness General Hospital. The doctors, nurses, and support staff worked tirelessly to ensure that patients received adequate care and treatment. They went above and beyond their duties by providing emotional support and comfort during difficult times.
    In conclusion, while there were several positive aspects about Furness General Hospital such as the skill of the medical team, there are also significant areas where improvement is needed. As a resident of Blackpool and an employee here, I urge the administration to address these concerns so that patients can receive the best possible care in a clean, safe, and nourishing environment.

    Renacres Hospital

    Renacres Ln, Ormskirk, Lancashire, Ormskirk L39 8SE, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.600858, -2.954378

    Users reviews of Renacres Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-03 by Ayden Franks

    As I sit here in the sterile confines of Renacres Hospital, surrounded by the beeping of machines and the constant hum of fluorescent lights, I can't help but feel a sense of despair wash over me. My friend lies in a bed beside me, her eyes closed and her breathing labored as she fights for her life. The hospital itself is a towering monolith, its concrete walls looming high above us like some imposing sentinel. Outside the windows, the city of Blackpool stretches out before us, a chaotic mess of brick and steel that seems to go on forever. I remember coming here with my friend so many months ago, the neon lights of the famous Blackpool Tower looming in the distance like some beacon of hope. But now, as we've been stuck here for what feels like an eternity, that sense of optimism has faded, replaced by a crushing sense of hopelessness. The architecture of this place is sterile and uninviting, devoid of any warmth or comfort. The walls are cold to the touch, and the air is thick with the scent of disinfectant. It's as though we're trapped in some dystopian wasteland, cut off from the world outside these four walls. The surrounding area is equally bleak, a desolate landscape of abandoned factories and crumbling buildings that seem to be on their last legs. I can see the smokestacks of nearby mills belching out clouds of acrid smoke, a constant reminder of the industrial past that still clings to this city like some foul odor. As I watch my friend struggle for breath, I can't help but feel a sense of despair wash over me once more. The news from around the world is equally bleak, with stock markets in turmoil and economic data painting a picture of uncertainty and instability. It's as though we're all trapped in some kind of nightmare, struggling to find our way through the darkness. But still, we hold on to hope, clinging to the belief that better days are ahead. My friend continues to fight, her spirit unbroken despite the odds stacked against us. And as I sit here, watching her struggle, I can't help but feel a sense of pride in her strength and resilience. For now, we wait, holding on to hope even as the world seems to be falling apart around us. It's a desperate time, but there is still beauty to be found in the midst of the darkness. And as my friend sleeps peacefully beside me, I can't help but feel a glimmer of hope that someday soon, we'll emerge from this nightmare and find our way back into the light. Until then, we hold on tight and face whatever comes our way with courage and resilience.

    Aintree University Hospital

    Longmoor Ln, Liverpool L9 7AL, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.4656198, -2.9317563

    Users reviews of Aintree University Hospital Blackpool

    Mr Adnan Saithna, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Renacres Hall Hospital, Renacres Ln, Halsall, Ormskirk L39 8SE, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.6001547, -2.9506225

    Users reviews of Mr Adnan Saithna, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Blackpool

    Education Centre 3

    1PP, Preston Rd, Chorley PR7, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.6646197, -2.634352

    Users reviews of Education Centre 3 Blackpool

    Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-12 by Seth

    "I was utterly appalled by the unclean and unsanitary conditions at Education Centre 3, especially considering it's a healthcare facility; however, I must acknowledge that their dedicated staff made every effort to provide excellent medical services despite these shortcomings."

    The Royal Liverpool University Hospital

    Prescot St, Liverpool L7 8XP, United Kingdom

    GPS : 53.4094169, -2.9646723

    Users reviews of The Royal Liverpool University Hospital Blackpool

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-27 by Mario

    a melancholic aura envelops me. From the bustling streets of Liverpool's vibrant city center, I made my way towards the tranquil waters of the River Mersey, where the gentle waves soothed my soul. As I walked alongside the banks, memories flooded back as if time had stood still. The crisp autumn air carried a nostalgic scent, reminding me of the days gone by when life was simpler. I followed the winding path that led to Prescot St, Liverpool L7 8XP, United Kingdom - home to The Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Here, my heart sank as I faced the reality of my loved one's suffering and longed for a cure. Yet, even in such dark times, there is hope, and I pray that one day, these walls will no longer bear witness to pain but instead, be a symbol of healing. In light of today's news, I am saddened by the legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC over their proposed Bitcoin ETF. As an advocate for cryptocurrency, I sympathize with Deaton's argument that lack of regulatory clarity violates First Amendment rights through a chilling effect on speech and innovation. May wisdom prevail in this matter, for the future of our society depends on it. Sen. Warren challenger goes to bat for Coinbase, crypto industry in SEC lawsuit. Crypto advocate Deaton jumps into fray as Coinbase sues SEC over ETF rejection, arguing lack of regulatory clarity violates First Amendment rights through chilling effect on speech and innovation.

    Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-09 by Eric

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing to express my gratitude for the insightful review of The Royal Liverpool University Hospital by Mario. As someone who has also experienced the pain and uncertainty of a loved one's illness, I deeply resonate with his heartfelt words. However, I would like to offer a different perspective on the legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC. While it is true that regulatory clarity is crucial for the growth and innovation of the cryptocurrency industry, I believe that the SEC's rejection of Coinbase's proposed Bitcoin ETF is justified based on its potential impact on market stability and investor protection. The SEC has a mandate to ensure that securities are sold and traded fairly and in compliance with relevant laws. While cryptocurrencies may have some similarities to traditional securities, they also possess unique features that require careful consideration before being deemed eligible for trading through an ETF. Moreover, the lack of regulatory clarity has not prevented innovation or speech in the crypto industry. In fact, many startups and projects are thriving without the need for formal approval from a regulatory body. The chilling effect argument seems overstated, as most responsible actors in the space have found ways to operate within the confines of existing laws. In conclusion, I believe that the SEC's role is to balance the interests of all stakeholders, including investors and market participants, while also ensuring compliance with relevant laws. While regulatory clarity would be beneficial for the industry's growth, it should not come at the expense of investor protection or market stability. Let us hope that a resolution to this legal battle is reached soon, in the interest of all parties involved. Thank you once again for providing a platform for differing perspectives and opinions. I look forward to reading more thought-provoking reviews and commentaries on a wide range of topics.

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